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Our working team is compromised in the conservation of the environment. Through respectful sharing among others we stimulate values as compromise, transparency and perseverance.

Our Team

  • Tinka Plese

    Tinka Plese

    MSc, Founder and Director. Researcher specialized in sloths. IUCN/SSC Anteater, Sloth and Armadillo Specialist Group Member
  • Bruna Plese

    Bruna Plese

    PhD, Founder, Molecular biologist
  • Sebastián Giraldo

    Sebastián Giraldo

  • Melissa Alzate

    Melissa Alzate

  • Paula Villada

    Paula Villada

    Animal Keeper
  • Gloria Restrepo

    Gloria Restrepo

    Auxiliary accountant
  • Paola Morales, Fiscal Revisory

    Paola A. Morales

    Fiscal Revisory
  • Felipe-Gutz

    Felipe Gutiérrez

    Webmaster, Brand Manager Lead on Pacífica Diseño
  • marcela-salazar

    Marcela Salazar

    Biology student
  • Tomás Moreno, Volunteer

    Tomás Moreno

  • David Moreno, Volunteer

    David Moreno

  • Juliana Martínez, Biologist

    Juliana Martínez

  • Rocio and Amparo, Bioenergetic medicine advisors

    Rocío Arango and Amparo Arango

    Bioenergetic medicine advisors


Mariella Superina, MV, PhD, Researcher specialized in armadillos
Rocio Arango, Medical doctor, Specialist in bioenergetic medicine
Flavia Miranda, MV, MSc, Researcher specialized in anteaters