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Sloth International Day

Who is in hurry?
This year Sloth International Day will be celebrated on October 20, Saturday as usual. We invite to remember the original meaning of  this day –  bring the world of sloths to  everybody and learn from a sloth to enjoy  every moment of our daily  life.

dia_int_perezoso-enSloth International Day was created by Foundation AIUNAU who acquired this compromise on the First international meeting about the wellbeing, rehabilitation and conservation of sloths, held in Medellin, Colombia, November of 2010.

It was created as necessity to bring the world of sloths and their forest to the citizens/people as a process of sensibilization towards wildlife. It is important to get to know these species so special, these cryptic and shy beings that inspire us and awaken our tender feelings. There is a lot that sloths can teach us – respect, tenderness, joy, pacific share ………… nevertheless, without consideration, in our lack of awareness, we harm them so much and bring their existence in danger of extinction.


The main objective is to emphasize Sloth International Day as element to make people sensible towards wild life, its distinction through a logo and the massive divulgation.

Public objective

It is directed towards a broad public, sensible toward the environment respectful with all forms of life, wishing to motivate and getting sensible more people, protection.

According to Sarita Kendall y Tinka Plese, who organized this day, it was established that October is a very good month; Saturday of a third long week in October. October is a month of animals on the world level and a children month.

This year it is going to be celebrated a third sloth international day on 19 of October. We hope obtain support and resonance from all those who work with sloths and like them.

Important attributes will be to position a sloth international day on the worldwide level. It will serve as a campaign to make sensible citizens through different events organized by participating institutions in their countries of origin. We consider that understanding the problem of these species used as umbrella species, the relation humans – wild life and environment can be worked out in their multiple expressions.

The mayor beneficiaries will be sloths: they will gain recognition of the species, awareness towards their importance in the forests of their origin, teachings they leave to us.