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The foundation consolidated a center for rescuing and rehabilitation of Xenarthra (CRRX) certified by the government.

The Sloth House is new headquartering of the foundation, especially designed to meet the needs of Xenarthra, where animals can be attended with all the principles of the compassionate conservation. Each individual sloth, armadillo or anteater is given immediate personalized and specialized attention, according to their age and health status upon arrival so the rehabilitation process will be more enjoyable and releases more successful.

The rehabilitation program provides appropriate living space, security and food, encouragement to eat and explore.

Patience and tender loving care is of vital importance to gain a confidence of the animal.

After successful rehabilitation animals are reintroduced to their natural habitat.

In the period from 2000 to 2009, we received 730 Xenarthras, mainly sloths.

We managed to decrease the mortality of the received animals for 40%.

Rehabilitation Protocols for sloth species were described and are in use since 2005.

We practice organic farming and some food for sloths is cultivated in the center.
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Combination of classical and bioenergetic medicine in rehabilitation process assures good development of each individual. Our experience showed us it works in physical as well as in emotional problems.




Rehabilitation of baby sloths has given us good results.

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Establishment of three populations of Bradypus variegatus in the wild.

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We extended our experiences in rehabilitation and conservation to other groups of threatened animals.

Capture, relocation and release of wildlife animals difficult to rehabilitate and release like spider monkeys.

Monitoring of wildlife after reintroduction.